Barry B. Sandrew, Ph.D


Barry B. Sandrew, Ph.D. is the Founder of Legend3D. Under his creative and technical leadership, Legend3D has become the provider of 2D-to-3D conversion services to the entertainment industry with credits on many of the films in the history of cinema, including the 2012 Academy Award-winner Hugo and Academy Award-nominee Transformers: Dark of the Moon. An internationally-recognized visual effects pioneer and digital imaging expert with more than 18 VFX patents and 26 years of feature film and TV experience, Dr. Sandrew leveraged his original, patented digital systems and processes for feature film colorization to create Legend3D’s proprietary 3D conversion process. He was previously Chief Technology Officer of American Film Technologies (AFT), the world’s first all-digital colorization company. In 1983, Dr. Sandrew left AFT to co-found Lightspan, Inc., one of the largest educational software companies in the U.S. From 1979 to 1986, he was staff neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, where he established three laboratories, including the first Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory in the Department of Radiology centering on MRI, CAT, and PET imaging of the brain. He also served on the staff of Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow.


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